Goldie Bronze Small Textured Earrings


Goldie Bronze Small Textured Earrings

3/4 inch in length  on 14k vermeil ear wires
Lightweight and fun to wear!

Goldie Bronze
All my handmade bronze earrings and pendants are custom designed and forged from Goldie Bronze which is made from microscopic particles of bronze metal in a clay form. I roll out the metal clay pie crust style and cutout a base shape. I then hand form all the bezels and prong settings, spirals, flowers and leaves. The various pieces of the creation is assembled and allowed to dry.

After drying, I fire each pendant in a kiln 2 step process. Finished pendants are cleaned, polished and sealed to preserve their appearance then fashioned into necklaces using leather. cord or chain or earrings on 14k vermeil ear wires.