GB with Pearl

Freeform Goldie Bronze Pendant with Freshwater Pearl

Goldie Bronze Pendant in freeform shape with freshwater pearl.  (Sold)

FRESH WATER PEARLS: These promote sincerity, truth and loyalty. Also said to enhance personal integrity, soothes, calms, yet focuses attention.

Hangs 20 inches length from brown leather cord.

Goldie Bronze:
All my handmade bronze earrings and pendants are custom designed and forged from Goldie Bronze which is made from microscopic particles of bronze metal in a clay form.

After drying, I fire each pendant in a kiln 2 step process.

After drying, I fire each pendant in a kiln to about 1525˚F.
Finished pendants are cleaned, polished and sealed to preserve their appearance then fashioned into necklaces using cord, leather or silver.