Citrine Flowers

Dragonfly7 Design Fine Silver Pendant with Citrine Gemstone

Fine Silver Pendant with Citrine Gemstone

Circular pendant with triangle cutout, citrine in the center of the flower.
Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. In addition to manifesting abundance, it also brings energies of generosity so that the prosperity and success is shared.

The process begins by rolling out a flat layer of silver clay. I use a custom template to cut out a shape. This shape is dried and each design element is added separately. They are held in place with some wet clay. When the whole assemblage is completely dry it is fired in a kiln. I polish and or patina my pieces to give them that desired look.

Art Clay Silver is made of pure metal powders mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or stove top fired, the binders burn away, leaving pure silver (99.9% silver).