Dragonfly7 Design Fine Silver Pendant with Olivine Trillion Cz


Fine Silver Pendant with Olivine Trillion Cz

18 inches in length on sterling silver box chain

Sterling Silver improves speech and brings eloquence. Sterling Silver is also said to attract, enhance and store the energies of other gemstones.  Sterling Silver brings fluidity to the body as well as the mind and tongue. Wear Sterling Silver if you have to do any public speaking. It will help your words, but Sterling Silver will also help you make a graceful entrance and exit.  Sterling Silver also unites the disparate energies of different stones and makes them into a unified whole. Sterling Silver is a body cleanser and energy enhancer. If you feel an illness coming on, put a piece of clean Sterling Silver in a glass of water for a few hours, then sip the water until you are feeling better.

Do not sleep, swim, shower or exercise in your jewelry.

All photos are taken outdoors in daylight or indoors using daylight lighting.
Colors may appear differently on different types of monitors. I have done my best to accurately portray the item.

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Made in USA